...November/Dezember 1996 im "MULTIHULLS":

Boat Show
Few people are aware that for more than 90 years Berlin has been hosting international boat shows.
From Nov. 16-24, 1996 the S4thexhibition was held in 14 halls on a 43,000 m2 area under the radio tower nicknamed "Langer Lulatsch." Initiated in 1902 (on Lake Wannsee) as a motorboat show, it was halted from 1939 to 1953 (during WW II and its aftermath), and again from 1983 to 1990, when it reemerged after the unification of West and East Germany.
This time, 450 exhibitors from 14 countries showed their products and offered services to 60,000 visitors.
The German capital is located in the state of Brandenburg, which is a neighbour to Poland. In contrast to Germany's shorter North Sea coastline -Brandenburg's Baltic shores are longer, plus it has 32,000 km ofrivers (1,700 km of these have access to shipping) and some 750km2 of lakes, making it the water-most state of Germany. These geographical facts are reflected in the types of watercraft shown at Berlin:
small- to medium-sized motorboats represented about 52% ofthe exhibits (an increase of 20%); the rest were surfboards, canoes and rowboats, kayaks, jetbikes and a few sailboats. Multihulls were represented by the Hobie Class Association and Berlin's dealer for Topcat.
Dieter Vesting, of Vesting & Siegmund, exhibited the "ElvstrØm Fun Cat," a 4.25 mx 1.60 m (14'xS'3") cartop model with a weight of 67 kg, powered by a 7.8 m2 (84 ft2) stayed windsurfer rig. Assembled in 10-15 minutes, ithas daggerboards and pivoting rudders. This fast and lightweight design is 4000 DEM, ready to sail.
Free Sailing Club, Anton Pfeifenrath's cat-charter company from Schönermark' Germany' offers cruises in the Baltic, the Red Sea, Turkish waters and the Caribbean on their own designs, Celesta and Wilana' 14m x 6.20m, the Russian open-bridge plywood-built Centaurus 35', the Edel cats 26, 35, 43, Stanek's Aquilon and Fountaine' Pajot' s range from Tobago to Venezia.
Anton Pfeifenrath, who hails from München, gave up his profession as chemical engineer and started his multihull construction and chartering company in the early 1980s.
Dirk Hohnberg and Mike Schwichtenberg, highschool students from Berlin-Tegel, received an award from the German Foundation for Young Scientists ("Jugend forscht"). They developed an ultralight cedar strip-paper-epoxy sandwich which is stiff, lightweight and economical to produce. A strip-planked canoe exhibited was built with that technique.
Since 1932 Lake Rangsdorf, located south of Berlin, has become a center for European iceboat sailing activities. Stefan Rothen, journalist and iceboat sailor from Rangsdorf, is working at rebuilding the European Museum for Iceboat sailing which burned down in January of '96. One should remember that some developments:
rotating mast aerodynamics, and lightweight designed boats were derived from this sport. The record is held by a Russian team reaching 240 kmlh!
The East German coast along Mecklenburg and Vorpommern is still a secret tip for sailors: Wide, shallow, clear waters surround the largest German island, Rügen. Small fishing harbors and famous medievial ports, such as Stralsund and Greifswald, are well worth cancelling a Seychelles trip for 1997. No sharks! -Guaranteed.
Private investors are now erecting modern marinas, though carefully keeping the coastal style, using the original landscape forbeautifultinyports, thus openingthis fairy tale-like region for visitors, sailors and friends - as natural as possible. And, let it be noted: Those waters are perfectly suited for shallow-draft multihull boats! As MM's German Representative: I recommend it.

You can tier two surfboards (above, left), or two canoes together and - presto! - you got a sailing catamaran 

Manfred Rassweiler, owner of Kayakhütte at Peissenberg, demonstrated Vario-Cat: a closed roundtube alu-frame that holds any type of sail and mast on any floating device! lt's strapped onto two surf-boards, two canoes, two rubber-rolls or... two whatever. No riveting, screwing or damaging existing hulls -
a cat made of PE-moulded double canoes, includes rotating mast, full-battened main, pivoting centerboard and rudder, all for under 5.000 DEM. The anodizing, welding seams and profiles are of the best available quality.

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